Parkwood International – Golf Lessons

By Golf in Queensland, March 7, 2015

Parkwood International – Golf Lessons
Parkwood International - Golf Lessons

Parkwood International – Golf Lessons

Our golf lessons are conducted in the Gold Coast’s newest, state of the art facility and regarded as one of the best in the Australia.

We believe in more than just giving golf lessons. Our lessons suit beginners, advanced, ladies, men, young or senior golfers. All designed in a cost-effective program. When meeting our expert PGA professional team you will feel you are receiving a mentor, coach and friend. We want you to reach your personal goals and ensure it is sustainable to last a lifetime.

Private Tuition

30 Minute Private Lesson: $55

60 Minute Private Lesson: $99

6 x 30 Minute Lessons: $275

6 x 60 Minute Lessons: $495

13 x 30 Minute Lessons: $550

13 x 60 Minute Lessons: $990

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